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How fma BIG ticket will work for you:

We create the opportunity for you to enhance your networking impact by hosting your guests in an exclusive environment while sharing with other members of the business elite. The setting allows for you to reward your team with a unique team-building experience that will motivate and celebrate them, while associating your brand with some of the most prestigious in the world. We aim to treat you and your guests to exceptional levels of service and care. Let us lift the responsibility from you- leave all the logistics and planning to us and focus your attention, time and efforts wholly on experiencing the Canadian Grand Prix.

What is Included (Per Table of 10 People):

  • Saturday ‘Meet & Greet’ Lunch
  • Corporate Signage
  • 3-Day Passes (Main Event & Hospitality on Sunday)
  • Official Canadian Grand Prix Programs
  • Transferable Passes
  • Free Parking & Transportation to Toundra Facility
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Open Bar
  • All-Day Complimentary Water Station
  • Ear Plugs
  • Televised Coverage
  • Personalized Service from fma BIG ticket Staff & Hostesses

The Facility: ‘Toundra’

The Toundra is a permanent facility with air conditioning and restrooms. It is a spacious site sheltered from the elements and a few steps away from Grandstand 33.

At the north end of the island and heading east, drivers must navigate through two chicanes, the “Canadian Pavillion” (left-short straight-right) and the ‘Pont des Îles” (right-short straight-left). In each spot, drivers brake and negotiate the two turns before your very eyes and the re-accelerate. This is also an interesting passing zone. Occasionally, bolder drivers will miss their braking point at the “Pont des Îles” short-cutting the chicane at their risk and peril.


$25,000 + Applicable Taxes

red racecar

Race check point

Event Agenda:


Track Opens
Toundra Opens
‘Meet & Greet’ Lunch
11:00 – 3:00
F1 Qualifying
Formula 1600 – 1st Race
CTCC – 1st Race
Ferrari Challenge – 1st Race
4:00 pm
Toundra Closes


Toundra Opens
Get Revved Up and Head to Racetrack
Start Grid Formation
2:00 – 4:00
Canadian Grand Prix
Toundra Facility Closes
race track

About the Montreal Grand Prix:

F1 makes its return to the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve on the beautiful stand-alone Île Notre-Dame across St. Lawrence River from Montreal’s picturesque skyline. The track was originally constructed for the 1967 International and Universal (World Fair) Exposition. The circuit and home of Canadian Formula 1 racing is named after Quebec’s prodigy Gilles Villeneuve who won the inaugural race in 1978. The track is well known amongst the F1 community with its combination of long high speed sectors and hard braking hairpin and chicane sections making it a unique circuit popular with fans.

After a brief hiatus, Formula 1 returned to Montreal with a deafening roar and continues to be the unofficial kick off to the summer months in Montreal, bringing fans and the city out with a grand 'joie de vivre'.

race cars

About fma BIG ticket:

fma BIG ticket specializes in 5-Star Corporate Sports Hospitality. Enhance your customer loyalty and foster reciprocal relationships.

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